[100+] Faith Status for Whatsapp | Faith Whatsapp Status

1. Faith is God's revelation has nothing to do with an ideology which glorifies the status.

2. Hope is wishing something would happen. Faith is believing something will happen. Courage is making something happen.

3. When you have faith in yourself you don't need others to believe in you.

4. May your faith be bigger than your fear.

5. I am the man with the heavy heart, I am the man with the heavy heart, is a blind faith, a cruel waste, one bitter taste. So, I know I need this sweet sensation.

6. Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.

7. The best view comes after the hardest climb.

8. When I text you, it means I miss you. When I don't text you, it means I'm waiting for you to miss me.

9. It's hope that feeds our dreams, it's faith that drives our choices and its love that determines our actions.

10. Where there is faith, there is always a truth.

Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status

11. Too often the words that describe our faith sound more like this, comfortable, safe, routine, and status quotes.

12. Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

13. What is faith? Once all villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the people gathered but only one boy came with an umbrella.

14. I love a day at a time. Each day I look for a kernel of excitement. In the morning I say, what is my exciting thing for today? then, I do the day. Don't ask me about tomorrow.

15. I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I'm marrying my dreams.

16. You were made by God and for God and until you understand that, life will never make sense.

17. Avoid those who are trying to undermine your faith in yourself.

18. Have a faith, keep trying, keep it simple, laugh at problems, stay as youthful as a kid.

19. You are not a loser until you lose your faith in God.

20. If you take away the fear of death from a Christian, you will take away his faith.
Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status

21. Better things are coming.

22. Faith is an embodiment of mental and spiritual power of man.

23. Faith exists for believers, not for the gods.

24.Faith makes all things possible love makes all things easy hope makes all things work.

25. Trust is like an eraser it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake.

26. One lie can ruin a thousand Truths.

27. A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets and no lies.

28. Behind every untrusting girl, is a boy who lied, cheated and broke his promises to her.

29. Faith makes all things possible. Love makes them easy.

30. The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding.
Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status
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31. If you don't respect her, you obviously don't deserve her.

32. Trust is a key of relationship.

33. Patience is not a virtue. It’s just waste of Time...

34. Honesty is the best Gift you can give.

35. If you ever lose my trust, you probably will never get it back.

36. Every time I start trusting someone, they show me why I shouldn’t.

37. A great relationship is about two main things. First, find out the similarities. Second, respect the differences.

38. Being single is better than being in an unfaithful relationship.

39. The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said.

40. A relationship is based on trust.

Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status

41. If you want to be trusted, be honest. If you want to be honest, be true. If you want be true, be yourself.

42. Live by Faith – One day at a time.

43. Fear ends where faith begins.

44. A faith of convenience is a hollow faith.

45. Faith is like radar that sees through the fog.

46. We are twice armed if we fight with faith.

47. Live with faith. Laugh with friends. Love with family.

48. Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up.

49. Faith is trust or commitment to what you think is true!

50. Keep strong faith! everything will happen just the way you want it!

Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status

51. Fear knocked at the door and faith answered. No one was there.

52. Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life.

53. Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness.

54. Without faith a man can do nothing; with it all things are possible.

55. Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

56. Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith.

57. Faith is spiritualized imagination.

58. Childlike faith focuses on our Heavenly Father – not on our fears.

59. All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.

60. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status

61. Faith is courage; it is creative while despair is always destructive.

62. Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

63. Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.

64. Faith looks not at what happens to him but at Him Whom he believes.

65. I have great faith in fools – self-confidence my friends will call it.

66. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

67. Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to.

68. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.

67. Don’t put all your trust in what you see, but all your faith in what you feel!

68. Faith is putting all your eggs in God’s basket, then counting your blessings before they hatch.

69. It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.

70. Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.

Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status
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71. Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.

72. If you have a song of faith in your heart, it will be heard by the look on your face.

73. Faith is not without worry or care, but faith is fear that has said a prayer.

74. Faith makes all things possible… love makes all things easy.

75. Faith looks not at what happens to him but at Him Whom he believes.

76. If there was no faith there would be no living in this world. We couldn’t even eat hash with safety.

77. Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.

78. The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials.

79. What is certainty but the refuge of those whose faith is not strong enough to entertain doubt.

80. Faith is not about everything turning out okay, Faith is about being okay no matter how things turn out.

Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status

81. I don’t know where I am headed in this story called life, but I have faith that the Heavenly Father wrote the next chapter.

82. Keep the faith. The vision is always for the appointed time. Be patient, prayerful and wait for the fulfillment of your visions.

83. Faith and works are bound up in the same bundle. He that obeys God trusts God; and he that trusts God obeys God. He that is without faith is without works; and he that is without works is without faith.

84. Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.

85. Faith is what makes life bearable, with all its tragedies and ambiguities and sudden, startling joys. – Madeleine

86. He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.

87. Faith is not believing that God can, it’s knowing that God will. – Donna Coker

88. Faith is reacting positively to a negative situation. – Dr. Robert Schuller

89. Patience and Diligence, like faith, remove mountains. – William Penn

90. Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof. – Khalil Gibran

Faith Status for Whatsapp in English, Faith Whatsapp Status

91. Hope is seeing a light at the end of the tunnel; faith is believing it is not a train. – Debbie Geno

92. Have faith, knowing tomorrow will hold the blessings of God. – Robert Schuller, Jr.

93. Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see. – William Newton Clark

94. I would rather err on the side of faith than on the side of doubt. – Robert Schuller

95. My faith helps me understand that circumstances don’t dictate my happiness, my inner peace. – Denzel Washington

96. If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery. – John Paul Jones

97. Faith is what gets you started. Hope is what keeps you going. Love is what brings you to the end. – Mother Angelica

98. A wise ruler ought never to keep faith when by doing so it would be against his interests. – Niccolo Machiavelli

99. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. – Helen Keller

100. It’s a war of attrition. If you have patience and a modicum of faith in yourself your chances are not too bad. – Julie Bowen
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